Published by John Epstein on July 16, 2015

The Best Tips for Digital Marketing

digital2Digital marketing has become the forefront of the marketing industry. A growing number of people use the internet more than their television. People are turning to the computer to learn more about products, share reviews with others, and this is changing the tone of advertising and marketing.

A modern business can no longer succeed without the use of digital marketing. Whether you are a business needing to increase their web presence or an online marketing looking for digital marketing advice, take a moment to read this list of the best tips for digital marketing.

Focus on Informative Content

With your digital marketing, you should rarely put out content that is not informative. That is to digital-marketingsay, avoid direct marketing in favor of offering your potential customers actual information that they can use to decide if they want to purchase your product or service. Consumers are smart enough to know when they are being given a sloppy sales pitch. Focus on quality content, whether you are posting a blog article on your website, sending out social media posts, or releasing a press release or newsletter.


Build a Targeted Email List

Email lists provide the perfect way to keep existing customers updated on new products or digital-marketing-packservices. When building an email list, choose an opt-in method. Never purchase email lists from other companies, as you never know whether the customers on the list actually have any interest in your products or services and is considered a form of spam. Using an opt-in method, visitors to your website or social media followers can signup using their email address to receive updates and newsletters from your business. These are people that are already interested in your products and more likely to make a purchase.

Take Advantage of Social Media

Social media not only provides a method of reaching more customers it also makes it easier for your customers to recommend your business to their friends and family. People are more likely to share information about your product if the content is informative. Create a social media account specifically for business use and begin posting. Make sure you include links to your social media profiles on your website.


Video Production

Videos are still an under-utilized form of marketing. YouTube and other video streaming sites receive millions of visitors each day. Producing a short video discussing the benefits of one of your products could be more affordable than you imagine. With modern HD cameras and free video editing software, you could put together your own informative video at virtually no cost. Share the video on a video streaming site and then across each of your social media profiles.

Send Out Press Releases

Press releases can help raise awareness about a product or service, while offering a wealth of information that potential customers can use to learn more about the product. They are written DigitalMarketingGraphicfrom the perspective of an impartial writer describing a product or service in detail. Consumers find these releases more trustworthy and helpful when compared to direct marketing. Once a press release is created, it can be posted on various press release websites and consumer product websites, then shared on through social media.

These are just a few suggestions for digital marketing. It is a wide open field with many areas to explore. Branch out and learn more about other types of digital marketing and more ways to reach a larger audience. The more people you can connect with, the more potential customers you have. Thank you for reading, if you have a comment, feel free to leave a message below.